Oracle Open World 08 Plans, no UKOUG for me this year

A few years ago, I started getting too many events on my schedule for conferences, so I began using a spreadsheet to track all the sessions I wanted to attend, presentations I was scheduled to give, meetings with customers, times I had to be on booth duty, and, of course, social events I had to attend. This year’s OOW spreadsheet has 61 lines in it, so I’ll spare you the deep details. Here’s a recap of some of the most important events on my schedule over the next week (a few additions since my last posting of the same):

OOW Personal Itinerary

I’ve pretty much taken a hiatus from technical articles while preparing for OOW. I depart tomorrow for SF and I plan to keep at least one entry per day…we’ll see if I can keep up while on-site at the conference.

I have a lot of plans to attend some of the good RAC and Identity Management sessions at OOW. I won’t bore you with my personal pick list, but if you’re looking for me (because you want to hear a good joke or I owe you money or some such thing), you’ll definitely find me at these sessions since I’m involved in them to some extent:

  • Sunday, 11-Nov
    • 10 am: High Availability Options for Oracle Database, Moscone West 2003
    • 1 pm: Is that really you? Prove it!, Moscone West 2005
    • 2:30 pm: 11g Database Beta Testing Panel, Moscone West 2004
    • 4 pm: RAC SIG Birds of a Feather session, Moscone West 2002
  • Monday, 12-Nov
    • 10 am: Piocon Booth, Moscone South
    • 12:30 pm: RAC SIG Customer Panel, Moscone South 310
    • 4:45 pm: RAC For Beginners: The Basics, Hilton Continental Ballroom 6
    • 7:30 pm: OTN Night, Westin St. Francis Hotel
  • Tuesday, 13-Nov
    • 10 am: Piocon Booth, Moscone South
    • 12:15 pm: RAC SIG Expert Panel
    • 3:15 pm: Demystifying Fusion Middleware, Hilton Yosemite Room C
  • Wednesday, 14-Nov
    • 9 am: Piocon Booth, Moscone South
    • 11:15 am: other technical sessions
    • 3 pm: Piocon Booth, Moscone South
    • 8 pm: PARTY @ Cow Palace
  • Thursday, 15-Nov
    • 10 am: Piocon Booth, Moscone South
    • 11:30 am: other technical sessions
    • 5 pm: It’s a wrap reception, Howard Street

Should be a fun week. Please stop by and meet me at one of these places or anywhere else you happen to see me. Now, back to preparing the presentations for my sessions :). See you in SF! Travel safe.