New User Group: North India Oracle Users Group (

I was contacted a few months ago by some motivated individuals who were members of the Oracle RAC SIG. They wanted to start a new local Oracle user group in their region of Northern India and were looking for advice. I offered a few pointers and recently, they launched the new group – North India Oracle Users Group at

If you are in Northern India or have colleagues or friends that are located there, you should check out this group. If you would like to get involved by coordinating a meeting, being a speaker, or helping in any way, I’d encourage you to contact one of the individuals listed on the Board of Directors to see how you can help as a volunteer. They’re allowing registration for free (at least for now) too.

They’ve also established a blog to publish upcoming news on events and happenings with the group. It has an RSS feed, so you may want to subscribe to easily track the new posts there.

Good luck to all the volunteers and the new group!

Hotsos Symposium 2009, I’ll be there!

Blink and 3 weeks goes by and I forgot to blog any new updates!

I’ve got a few new entries that will be coming along after my last 2 weeks being up to my eyeballs in Oracle Application Server 10.1.3, but that will wait. The exciting news is:

I’m going to present at Hotsos Symposium 2009! I’m especially excited because I’ve wanted to attend this event ever since they held the first one, but just haven’t been able to get there. This time, I decided to try my luck at submitting a session proposal and I got lucky. I’m on the very distinguished speaker list and will be presenting “Avoiding Common RAC Issues” sometime during the March 8-12, 2009 event.

For those that have attended this event before, I know it’s somewhat unique, so if you have tips for a first-time attendee (and presenter), please drop them in comments or drop me a line via email or whatever. I hope that you can attend–I’m honored to be among the absolutely stellar speaker lineup and am really more excited about attending other sessions than I am about presenting my own! See you in Irving, TX!