It’s all in the bag

I recently changed jobs and found myself in need of a new computer bag. I originally went for the same bag that I had a few years ago from Dell. Unfortunately, they didn’t change the name, but they changed the bag completely–and for the worse. So, I went on a hunt for a solid, nice computer bag that I could use to run my life. After all, a computer bag to a computer consultant is sort of like a purse to a mother of four children (I only have two, so this is based on stories I’ve heard): it holds your entire life and finding things in it quickly is key to your daily happiness.

I hunted high and low, bought at least 4 bags from the typical computer stores locally and, one by one, took them all back. Finally, I asked my good friend Matt Topper, who generally knows lots of useless things, for a recommendation. As usual, he came through with what may be my last computer bag ever: The Empire Builder from Tom Bihn. The only negative thing I can say about this critical piece of equipment is that it is fairly expensive. Once you get beyond that and realize that it’s worth it because it’ll last you forever, you won’t be sorry. It’s a great piece of equipment and I actually paid them to write this testimonial. In fact, I may buy another bag from them at some point if I need something else (smaller or backpack style or something else).

So, if anyone wants to ask me for a shoulder-style computer bag, you now know what I’ll recommend.

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