WordPress 2.6 upgrade successful, home test server not so good

That wasn’t even painful. There are some cool new features from an authoring perspective too. (Not that I author enough to make good use of some of the new features, but I’m trying to write more often.)

I’ve got another post in the queue, but needed my VMWare Server at home to finish it up. Then I learned that my VMWare Server (perhaps because it felt neglected lately) apparently went belly-up sometime in the last month or two since I last logged on to it. After doing the online chat with Dell Support, they’re dispatching a tech to replace the motherboard, memory, processor, heat sink, and power supply. I guess that just leaves the hard drives and the CD-ROM drive as the only original electronic parts. I’m 38 days from the end of the warranty, so I’ll need to make sure it’s in top shape before mid-August just in case I need more parts.

Anyway, once the server is fixed, I should be able to verify some of my syntax and finish the posting. Until then, consider this: It never rains underwater. Discuss.