On handling logging in a script

This tip isn’t really new, but it is one of those things that I used to know, forgot, remembered, and am now blogging so that it will be easier to find (for me) when I finally forget it again. Besides, I was hanging out with Bex Huff earlier tonight and he told me I need to blog more and this was what popped into my head. On a side note, I would encourage everyone to seek out someone that you “know” from this internet thang when you’re traveling. Meeting in person certainly beats any “8 things” list :). I happen to be in Minneapolis this month, so I looked up Bex and also hope to find a bar or similar establishment where Billy can don the kilt 2.0 for another picture (that may be asking a lot in 31-degree temps, though).

Enough soapbox…on with the tech talk. Continue reading “On handling logging in a script”