Configuring Multiple Weblogic IIS Plug-Ins On Same IIS Server

As some of you may know, I’ve been working on a deployment of BEA Weblogic these past couple of weeks. We were doing some testing today and found an interesting side effect that was positively unexpected. Let me first say that the issues we encountered were with IIS configuration, not specifically with Weblogic. However, the issue wouldn’t have come up if we weren’t working on configuring the BEA-provided iisproxy.dll IIS plug-in.

Here’s the issue: We want to configure our production server to run two sites. The primary site is the production site and the secondary site is a staging site which we’re going to try to configure to behave exactly like production and have a configuration that matches production as well. So, we want to have two separate Weblogic Domains (that listen on different ports) and two separate IIS servers (that listen on separate ports). The desired configuration looks something like this:

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