New job, lots of exciting stuff

It’s been a week since I started my new job at Oracle Corporation. I’m a remote worker which means that the first day of work wasn’t the usual event since I just went to my home office and got on a concall with my new manager. After getting connectivity and accounts set up properly, I was able to pretty quickly work through the new hire checklist of forms and mandatory training.

My new Oracle-provided laptop arrived around mid-week and I realized that, at least for now, I’ll have to revert back to using the Windows-based laptop and (hopefully temporarily) put my MacBook Pro on the shelf. Actually, my wife is very excited since she’ll get the MBP to use now and we’ll do the usual “trickle down” to the kids so that the oldest computer in the “fleet” will get ditched.

I tried “upgrading” to a new DSL line (from cable modem) last week too, but that appears to have failed as the DSL modem drops my connection on a regular basis for a few seconds. That’s just long enough to break the VPN connection and make it appear that I’m bouncing off and on instant messaging every hour or so. Annoying.

I was excited to finally get on to some real technical work late last week and got to login to my first Exadata storage server. The chores were to re-image 4 servers and apply the latest patches to them. The real fun is starting now!

Of course, the most important part of any job (in my opinion) is people. I have had several virtual meetings with my peers and manager so far and, as expected, they’re all superb. I’m looking forward to working more with the team and others in our companion teams as well as the days roll ahead.

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  1. The most important thing to do when starting a new job is, find out where the toilets are. As you're working from home you've got that one sorted. The rest is plane sailing. 🙂



  2. DSL drops could be due to your distance from the headend, which if I had to guess, is pretty far, being in the 'burbs and all.
    Ditch the XP and roll your own Linux install. I have the Cisco VPN package for Ubuntu, or use your MBP for work, like many of us do.

  3. Good things happen to Good people…Congrats on your new job and Dan everything happens for a reason……

  4. Dan, there are OS X versions of the Cisco VPN and there used to be an OS X version of iPass. I can do everything except participate on Web Conferences because it requires IE. Now if we would just release 11g on OS X I could even do testing on my MacBook Pro.

    I'll bring it up next week if you don't see this comment before then.

  5. Thanks, Kyle. I had the VPN installed too, just too many other things that I
    felt it better to conform with the corporate standard for now. I don't
    anticipate it will be too long to go back to the Mac–I miss it a lot

    I knew before I joined that there is a lot of MacOS in use at Oracle. I just
    reverted to Windows long enough to make sure I have all the necessary
    software components. I hope to go back to Mac soon.

    Thanks for the heads up!

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