Oracle’s latest acquisition: Me

I’m definitely the type of person that gets excited by new opportunities and always loves a new challenge. Without challenge, I get bored quickly and boredom makes me a little crazy. So, this new opportunity came along a little while ago and I thought it sounded just perfect for me. Many of you that know … Continue reading “Oracle’s latest acquisition: Me”

I’m definitely the type of person that gets excited by new opportunities and always loves a new challenge. Without challenge, I get bored quickly and boredom makes me a little crazy.

So, this new opportunity came along a little while ago and I thought it sounded just perfect for me. Many of you that know me will recall that I’ve had trouble finding the right company that fits with all aspects of my personality, goals, and philosophy which has led me to “try” a few of them in the past several years. I don’t regret the choices I’ve made and I’ve learned an awful lot from each of my employers. Most importantly, I’ve created new relationships at each of my past companies that I still maintain today.

In looking at all the past experiences, I’ve concluded that I am ready for a change in direction. Things I enjoy:
Oracle products
People (customers and Oracle employees) that work with Oracle software
High Availability
Large, complex environments
Servers, OS, and storage infrastructures
Working with lots of new people, especially creating, managing, and growing new relationships
Presenting my knowledge to others, both one-on-one and to groups (and conference events that surround such gatherings)
A little bit of travel (which helps support my love of…)
Scuba diving

So, when an opportunity came along to get paid to do something that combines almost all of the things I enjoy (except scuba), I couldn’t pass it up. Starting on May 18, 2009, I will be the newest member of the new group at Oracle that’s known as the “X-Team”. This team is responsible for working with customers and prospective customers of the Oracle Exadata and HP Oracle Database Machine products to help them adopt these new technologies. The group is a part of the Maximum Availability Architecture group at Oracle that authors many of the best practices whitepapers and presentations you have likely seen online. For those at Oracle that know what this means, the group is a part of the Server Technology development organization under Juan Loaiza.

For those of you that have been my past consulting customers, first of all, Thank You. I’m no longer consulting and while I won’t be able to provide an “Oracle-sanctioned” recommendation to other consultants that may be able to help, I do have a large network of friends and one of them can likely help you. Please never hesitate to keep in touch!

On a logistical note, I’m not moving and will hopefully continue to be involved with local events in Chicagoland. However, I will be traveling part of the time to visit customers and other Oracle facilities, so keep an eye on my twitter feed, Britekite location, and Tripit plans and let me know if there’s a chance to have a meeting IRL.

Finally, this decision to join Oracle means that I’ll be sacrificing several things. First and probably most near and dear to me is the RAC SIG. In September 2008, I took over as the RAC SIG President. The RAC SIG is as strong as ever and there are a good group of volunteers involved in leading the group as it continues to grow and evolve. I’ll always be a member of the RAC SIG and will continue to watch it closely and volunteer when and where I can. The RAC SIG is associated with the IOUG, the Independent Oracle User Group, and Oracle employees shouldn’t be too involved in “independent” groups. So, this year, the RAC SIG will once again elect a new president. I will remain president until Oracle Open World in October 2009 in order to provide continuity to the group’s leadership and ensure a smooth transition. You can nominate yourself for a RAC SIG office soon via our website nomination form (nominations will be open soon and stay open until July 31, 2009).

I’m also going to relinquish my appointment as an Oracle ACE Director. While I think I’ll still be considered an Oracle Employee ACE, I’ll remember fondly the fame that Oracle Technology Network affords the Oracle ACE program and the individuals that are given the honor. Thanks to Justin, Vikki, Lillian, Todd, and the others at Oracle for allowing me to be a part of that program. I’ll certainly miss the perks!

That’s about it for now, I’m off to the new job and will once again begin learning. Luckily, I’m apparently the only person named Dan Norris at Oracle (last someone checked for me), so you can contact me at in a couple weeks.

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  1. Noooooooo. Everyone knows that you disappear from the blogsphere once you join the evil empire 2.0. πŸ™‚

    Well done mate. Sounds like a great oppertunity. Hope it all goes well for you. I'll be thinking of you when I'm at the OpenWorld Appreciation night and you are struggling to find a ticket. πŸ™‚

    See you at ODTUG or OpenWorld.


  2. Dan,

    That's a great news, please accept my best wishes for the new beginning. Being a part of ST team and that too with MAA, I don't think one needs to ask anything more. And I believe, being now an “internal” person, you would be able to flourish your skills more and be able to scale them to new heights!

    With best wishes and heartiest congrats!

  3. Sounds like a fantastic job, Dan. Congratulations. I hope we'll still see you kicking around the conferences, though!



  4. Congrats Dan!! And with regard's to your email id, you will get this id only if there has been no employee with same name in past too πŸ˜‰

  5. Congratulations, Dan!!! I look forward to seeing more awesome content from you in the future. If you are ever in Madtown, be sure to look me up πŸ™‚

  6. Hey Dan,
    Congratulations. I think Oracle is getting a great deal on this acquisition as well . Good luck in your new job

  7. Congrats! Look me up IRL if you are ever in Irvine or San Diego. (Acronym collision, I used to program in a language called IRL…) I can't dive any more, but thar be good
    diving here (like La Jolla) and Catalina.

  8. Wow.


    Congrats on being paid to do what you enjoy doing! That alone is an accomplishment. =) So… umm… I guess our Central Illinois RAC attack is now in the hands of… one person by the initials of JS? Or are you taking him with you as well? =)

    May your time with the Big O be full of life, full of challenges, and full of satisfaction.

  9. Well done Dan πŸ™‚

    I hope we'll continue to see you presenting at conferences (how about UKOUG 2009 – call for papers has just opened?!). Have fun playing with your new toys..!

  10. Thanks Charles and Simon.

    Charles: you're right about Rac attack and JS was reading over my
    shoulder when I saw your comment, so he knows the same.

    Simon: I would love to–hopefully there are some Exadata customers
    that will encourage my presence at ukoug and other UK events!

    Please excuse my typos, I sent this from my iPhone.

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