My interview from Open World posted

While I was at Oracle Open World 2008 in September, I met Ignacio Ruiz and agreed to an interview with him. Ignacio is the person behind which publishes database-related content aimed at the Latin American community and he also blogs at As a result, most if not all of his content is available in Spanish. He also makes most of it available in English.

I thought Ignacio asked some good questions and (fortunately or unfortunately) didn’t edit the interview at all. The one unfortunate part of the interview is that you don’t get to see Ignacio at all–only me. Without further ado, here’s the interview (if you can’t view below, you can see it on YouTube directly).

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  1. He said that YouTube has some functionality for doing subtitles, but he hadn't figured out how that works yet. It would be funny if someone dubbed it, go ahead if you got the skilz. I'll post it.

  2. We may arrange some spanish speech for Dan, with some english subtitles… I've finally mastered the YouTube feature for that and I'm 65% for the english transcription (yes, video will have CC!) and spanish will be a snap. Both will be released this weekend… stay tuned
    I want to thank Dan his valuable time and comments; now that I'm working on the material, I've realized the real value of his thoughts for the growing community of DBAs and IT professionals.
    PS: I've to punish the cameraman(me) for keeping the interviewer out of frame πŸ˜€ … Saludos!

  3. Norris,

    Congratulations for your blog and interview to Latin America Community. We, Brazilians DBAs have hope that OOW Brazil, professionals as you, share your experiences with Oracle products.


    Rodrigo Almeida

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