Upcoming presentations: OOW, UKOUG

Every year it seems like I get part way through the Oracle OpenWorld event and comment that next year, I need to be less busy so I can enjoy the event a little more and attend others’ presentations more than giving my own. And yet it seems that somewhere between then and the following year, I manage to volunteer myself for a full agenda of participation via the RAC SIG, IOUG, and my own personal/professional interests.

This year’s conference, coming up September 21-25, will be no different and I’ll be there all week to meet as many new friends as possible (that’s you), see some old friends (that might be you too), and share a few of my technical and community bits of knowledge with anyone that shows up at my sessions (hopefully you). I’ve already glanced through the schedule builder and picked out a lot of sessions that interest me, so pulling myself away from those to perform other presentations or fulfill other duties will be challenging, as usual. First, let me list where you’re certain to find me (you should add these sessions to your schedule using the Schedule Builder to ensure your seat in the sessions):

In between these specific sessions, I’ll be attending other sessions, hanging out in the OTN Lounge, the OCP Lounge, OOW Exhibit Hall, tweeting, eating, or otherwise goofing off.

Last but certainly not least, I received confirmation that one of my sessions was accepted to the UKOUG 2008 Conference and Exhibition in Birmhingham (December 1-5, 2008). Thanks to the UKOUG for selecting my session for presentation at the conference! I’m looking forward to seeing friends old and new and maybe even getting to look around the area while I’m there (it’ll be my first trip across the pond). I’ll post more about the session and my plans when the dates get closer (and after all this OOW excitement dies off).

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  1. I would kill to be at that RAC on VMWare show. I'm thinking of trying my hand at doing it on VirtualBox. Probably would help if I've ever set up RAC anywhere previously.

  2. No need to kill anyone, we'll be doing it again and if you want a
    private showing, I can facilitate that as well (I am a consultant after
    all! πŸ™‚ Drop me an email and we can chat about particulars if you're

    In the meantime, I'd suggest Tim Hall's articles as good starting
    points–even if you haven't set up RAC previously, you can probably
    follow his recipes pretty easily.

    I also wrote a session based partly on Tim's how-to article and you'll
    find that whitepaper and presentation on my site at

  3. Yep I have Tim's first article bookmarked, I'll be largely basing my adventures on it, just s/VMWare/VirtualBox/g and test. If I had known that Dan “The Man” Rodriguez was going to RAC Attack, I would have paid my own way. Schaumburg will never be the same after we were there in March.

    I appreciate the offer, but a private showing would literally just be me, probably not worth your time (or at least I wouldn't be able to afford the rate). I work for Pythian, but I work out of my home in Wisconsin. I did attend a series of 2-hour presentations from Gregory Guillou on setting up a RAC while there in May. I should probably get my hands “dirty” and set it up myself now. I also watched Alex Gorbachev down a plate of oysters like they were going extinct. The man loves his oysters.

  4. Why not VMWare? On Windows, it's free and it only costs $99 or something
    on Mac. I haven't tried VirtualBox, but as there are many articles
    describing building RAC on VMWare and I haven't seen one on building RAC
    on VirtualBox, I'm not sure why you'd challenge yourself on the first
    try (save that for the 2nd try).

    Let me know if you run into troubles…I've bloodied myself on all the
    brick walls, so I can probably shortcut your troubleshooting at least a

  5. You've basically answered the question. Simply because there aren't too many articles out there. A lot of people I talk to are switching to VirtualBox, and so I thought “why not”. I don't think it make add too much complexity that isn't already there with VMWare.

  6. Cool, then I'll be watching for your new article/blog post once you
    finish the experiment. I haven't tried VirtualBox yet, so I can't
    comment on its complexity vs. VMWare, but I do plan to try it out some
    day–in my free time πŸ™‚

  7. >> … and many other famous European Oracle gurus

    Oh, I don't think we have gurus, but you might discover a pub or two. (Well, probably just one. No need to move around too much ;-))

    Actually, I'll probably see you at Openworld before then, but you really need Birmingham, UK in December for the full UKOUG effect!

  8. I just saw you might make it to the blogger meetup, so I'll hope to meet
    up with you there as well. Either way, I'll see you in Birmingham for

  9. Dude! The way you manage to ENJOY OOW is to do what I did. Mistakenly plan an Alaska Cruise at the same time. So, while you are having fun doing your thing, I'll be sitting on my balcony of the Golden Princess looking for wales. The UKOUG is a blast. I have not submitted abstracts for the last 2-3 years there because of my schedule but I MISS it. The people there are great, the conference center is an awesome forum and there are some really smart people there. I hope to submit abstracts for next year though, I miss the UK!!!!

  10. If you guys get lost and end up near Monterrey, look for me among the marine life as I'll be diving on Saturday before heading to OOW for the week :). I've heard only good things about the UKOUG event and am very excited about being able to attend since I've wanted to go for the last several years and have managed to miss it previously due to conflicts.

    Have a nice cruise (like there's any way you couldn't)!

  11. Dan,

    Hope to see your presentation on Sunday at OOW. Maybe you can help me figure out how to setup RAC on a buggy laptop with little RAM and space. I always hit snags with VMWare networking and the initial clusterware install for 10g/11g. Should be fun. Maybe you can tell us some Scuba jokes as well.


  12. Hi Ben,

    Yeah, I think I know the problem (and you do too obviously), but we can discuss it at OOW if you'd like. The VMWare networking is one area I hope I can spend a little more time talking about this time around…we'll see. See you there!


  13. Hi Ben,

    Yeah, I think I know the problem (and you do too obviously), but we can discuss it at OOW if you'd like. The VMWare networking is one area I hope I can spend a little more time talking about this time around…we'll see. See you there!


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