2:30am will never happen on Sunday morning

For those that didn’t bother to install the OS, Oracle or other DST patches (to handle the adjusted DST change schedule) last year and elected to just change the time on your servers by hand twice a year, get ready to do that again this weekend. Personally, I’d rather burn two whole regular work days figuring out and installing the patches than get up to modify the time on a server at 2am on Sunday morning, but that’s just me I guess.

For those that forgot the crontab rule about not scheduling things to occur between 1am and 3am (because they either get skipped or run twice once a year), prepare to be confused as 2:30am doesn’t ever happen on clocks in most US states/regions (here are the exceptions).

I’ll look forward to a little more daylight during the hours that count and one hour less sleep on Saturday night.

On a side note, let’s hope that this little posting will get me started on regular posting here…at least for a while!

One thought on “2:30am will never happen on Sunday morning”

  1. I hate daylight savings. With a passion. It just ain’t natural. Your body spends 6 months getting used to one timezone, and then all the sudden you have to flip back.

    Does it really save energy? Who knows. I have read reports both for and against, but what is most obvious to me is that ordinary citizens are not benefiting at all. Instead, we the people are expending extra efforts to reset clocks, spending dollars on DST patches, and for those of us with kids, a cumbersome adjustment at least once a year when your child either wants to stay up later or wake up earlier. Or some combination thereof.

    And whose to say that when our 45th president comes around, he/she will not play favorites with their biggest contributors and reset DST again?

    What I really want to see is for the sun to stand still for 337 minutes, just to throw everyone off and see what happens. What is time, really?

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