Good Passwords

No kidding, I can’t make this up. This is the screen I got when I clicked on the “Password Rules” link for an application used to manage maintenance requests for my office building. Granted, it isn’t a system that holds the nuclear launch codes, but still…

Argus Anywhere Password Rules

Happy Friday everyone!

One thought on “Good Passwords”

  1. I’ve mentioned the following idea elsewhere, but if you are having trouble thinking or remembering good passwords, then you should check out my passwords for scientists concept (anyone can use it, of course).

    In this approach all you need to be able to remember is a simple compound name (think viagra, aspirin, phentermine) and apply the principles I suggest.

    You’ll have a very strong password that no one will be able to bruteforce and even if you write down the key no one will know how to apply your mods to get the actual password.

    Dave Bradley

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