Big Bang Theory Agreement

Admittedly, this is one of those clauses that only really works in The Big Bang Theory to Sheldon`s advantage – but if it worked both ways, it would make a lot of sense. According to their agreement, they have a “check” of the roommates once a year, in which they (probably) talk about problems and whether each roommate respects the agreement. Knowing Sheldon, he would refuse to admit any fault, but creating regular time to talk to roommates and talk about problems before they become big problems seems like a smart tactic. The colocation agreement was in effect for most of the show; Since Sheldon moved into Penny`s old apartment with Amy, the contract is no longer in effect. But even if Sheldon and Amy wanted a turtle, he would be breaking his own rule. In the roommate agreement, he stated that pets were indeed prohibited, unless they were service animals! Just like in the workplace, Sheldon has an annual retrospective of Leonard`s performance as a roommate. Leonard and Sheldon have already broken the rules in their agreement, but that never leaves any of them homeless. Instead, it usually results in fines or silent treatment until they are cooled! According to the agreement, the thermostat must be maintained at 72F (22C). Always. At any time. And while they live in sunny California, where the weather won`t vary as much as in New York, for example, it still seems extreme. The roommate deal can be challenged anyway since Leonard and Penny are getting married for the start of the season, meaning Leonard will likely move. Let`s leave to get there on time, Greg.

Yet, for now, only a few parts of the Roomate agreement between Sheldon and Leonard are known. To give you all an overview of the details of the colocation agreement currently known, we have taken the trouble to assemble them here. According to the roommate agreement, Sheldon insists on having different types of food different nights of the week. Especially Thursday was pizza night – pizza jets, nothing less. If Sheldon or Leonard wanted to change it and try something new, they would have to have a public hearing with a “60-day comment period.” Sheldon`s obsession with controlling takeaway choices is well known, but the clauses on trying a new place to eat border on total madness. According to the agreement “The choice of a new takeaway restaurant requires a public hearing and a period of 60 days of commenting”. . .