Service Level Agreement Traducere Romana

If you opt for “self-service” services, the responsibility for learning and managing the web application is exclusively available to the customer. You are the administrator of your account. An ALS must also indicate what happens when the client hires external consultants working in a network managed by a managed service provider, what skills it should be and what responsibility the provider assumes. The objective of ALS is not to block the relationship with the customer or to make it dependent on the supplier, but essentially to ensure a true relationship between the level of responsibility of the supplier, the services provided and their payment. The director of a well-known management services company told me: “ALS is necessary, when in reality it should not be the case. If there is a strong business relationship between the supplier and the recipient, it is probably never called ALS. Managerial services generally result in the creation and maintenance of a relationship of trust in which the customer is confident that the supplier is managing its problems and that the supplier is effectively solving these problems, because that is the essence of the business. In my work, we discuss ASA issues usually at the beginning of a contract, when negotiations are concluded, and almost never after. I read somewhere an analogy between the S ALS and prenup contracts, both of which are used only when something unpleasant happens and logic loses emotional decisions. If you have a large website, complex databases, you should go to services such as “Full Service,” in which case you will be assigned a contact person responsible for your permanent relationship and with whom you are in direct contact with all the problems you are in. – A full service. The result is flexibility to meet all customer needs for infrastructure and support services throughout the contract. The support service is responsible for the configuration and management of customer equipment based on hardware and software conditions. – “Free use.” This type of services provides complete control over the user, are services that allow the user to perform operations such as: create email accounts, download files with FTP and more.

Since you have most of the work with an interface, only server management and Internet connectivity, these services are cheaper than full service services. The following services are available to customers: . В таком соглашении может содержаться детальное описание предоставляемого сервиса, в том числе перечень параметров качества, методов и средств их контроля, времени отклика поставщика на запрос от потребителя, а также штрафные санкции за нарушение этого соглашения.