Jisc Springer Agreement

The transition to open access under the principles of The S-Agreement is not limited to Europe. In 2018, MIT and the Royal Society of Chemistry signed the first North American reading and publication agreement.13 In 2019, a negotiating kit for North American libraries was published by the Scholarly Communications Office of the University of California. 14 19. Ulf Kronman, Evaluation of Offset Agreements – Report 3: Springer Compact (Stockholm: National Library of Sweden, 2018), www.kb.se/download/18.2705879d169b8ba882a5560/1556566760356/Evaluation_of_offset_agreements_SC_Report_3.pdf; Lisa Olsson, Evaluation of Offset Agreements- Report 4: Springer Compact (Stockholm: National Library of Sweden, 2018), www.kb.se/download/18.2705879d169b8ba882a5561/1556566760424/Evaluation_of_offset_agreements_SC_Report_4-20181008.pdf. This article analyses the UK`s first reading and publication agreement. The Springer Compact Agreement pilot aircraft ran from 2016 to 2018. The authors outline the methodology and data sources used for a detailed analysis of the agreement. These include the number of open access articles published, the number of opt-outs of authors and rejected articles. Institutional savings (or cost prevention) and the financial impact of the number of exemptions and rejected items are also examined. The value of published articles and the cost per download of non-OA content will also be assessed.

The agreement at the consortium level limited the total cost of publication – in three years, the HE sector avoided paying an additional fee of 20,000,800 euros (22,761,688) for the publication of OA by paying the combined single fee, which limits the cost of publication to 2014. All OA items that are part of the De Springer Compact agreement that match or go beyond all of their 2014 CPD expenditures between 2016 and 2018. Until 2018, 30% of institutions published OA articles in value or above the combined fee paid to Springer. The article concludes with a series of recommendations for future agreements and takes into account compliance with Plan S. Established in early 1993, JISC UK supports universities and research through access to digital resources, consulting, consulting and IT services. Springer Nature is pleased to be working with jisc on an agreement between Read and Publish OA to support its scientific community. For more information on the agreements, see the details of this site. Are all magazines relevant to your related authors (in whom you expect them to publish), are they likely to be published as part of the agreement? The simplicity of the process for authors and universities has also been used as an example of other agreements in the UK and ESAC workflow requirements (excluding funder metadata) 39 A transformation agreement with a publisher involves, in many cases, that an author`s open access fee or the articles processing fee (APCs) are covered by the agreement, meaning that authors do not have to pay out of pocket to publish open access. This page contains information about the transformation agreements in which QMU participates. 22. Jisc, Journal Usage Statistics Portal, jusp.jisc.ac.uk/ [called August 22, 2019].