Family Governance Agreement

How a family accepts these tasks depends on the complexity and complexity of the business, ownership and family systems. The “correct” governance structure of the family depends on the following factors: Family reunion activities include learning about the business through presentations from heads of household and non-families, discussion (not decision) of the management of the company, information about what the company is doing or important skills such as reading financial accounts. It is also a good forum to be updated on changes in the family such as important events and achievements and changes of ownership. For example, have shares changed ownership since the last meeting? Are there new tax laws that shareholders must comply with? See pages 219-226, where the municipality provides a clear overview of how family businesses are developing and developing in family businesses and provides practical advice on the effective organization of family assets. The family council can be composed in different ways, the typical way being a member elected by the family. One should try to compose the family council to “look like” the family, with adequate representation of all generations, both sexes, in-laws, active and passive owners, the hometown and geographically distant relatives. The family council usually meets a few times a year for one or two days each time. Most families reimburse their expenses to family councils, but do not offer compensation for their benefit. Other families feel at least that modest compensation is warranted and deserves. Sylvia Shepard (2014), FFI Practitioner: Family and Business Interface, Models and Structures, August 20, 2014 (available at This guide for family businesses examines the two facets of family business management: business and family.

Delindiek for owners or business. Protocols, structures and procedures that help the family speak with one voice. Since each of these topics, with the exception of ownership, are clearly areas of commercial policy, the family council would consult with the Board of Directors and obtain the approval of the policy board before it becomes official. As a general rule, the family council also receives approval from the family meeting before spending a policy on the family. John Davis (2001), Working Knowledge, Harvard Business School (available at In one of the few books on the subject, the authors explain the governance processes for family and business organization, focusing on the different functions of these two areas and the areas in which they overlap. John and Mary Robinson are in a relationship in their fifties. They decide to go to business with John`s brother, Robert, and Robert`s wife, Jane.