Contract Agreement Between Producer And Artist

For some time now, I have had questions about what is in a typical producer contract. So I`m going to quote here paragraphs from a producer`s contract that I`ve seen. But before you post the first section. PLEASE REMEMBER that any contract is open to negotiation, and I am NOT a Law De Entertainment Attorney (but I know a few.) Very few contracts in the music industry are the same for everyone, and a producer contract is no exception, so there is no typical producer agreement that you can read and maybe fall asleep.1. GRANT OF RIGHTS Producers and artists agree that each master and all derivatives (but without the underlying compositions) (together “works”) are “works made for rent,” such as the term in the 17th United States. C p. 101 is defined, and the author and owner of the works is considered an artist (or his authorized identifier). In all cases, the producer assigns, transfers and transfers to Artist, his successors and recipients, at 100% (100%) the whole of the artist`s law, property and interest, including and without limitation all so-called “moral rights” on and on works, as well as all copyrights worldwide, as well as any renewal and extension of copyright, which are now known or subsequently exist in accordance with a law, law, law, law and/or in force that is now adopted or promulgated, including, without restriction, the exclusive right to manage these copyrights. The works are the exclusive and exclusive property of the artist in the long term, without any pretensions of the producer. The producer will perform and provide artists with such instruments of transmission and other documents relating to the rights of artists in works that artists can reasonably demand to fulfill the objectives of this agreement and the producer will sign all necessary documents to obtain the disposition of the agreement.

The artist has the unlimited and unlimited right to exploit the works for all uses, by all means or by all media, which have been developed today or in any form and in any form, under all brands, trade names and labels, without any additional compensation to be paid to the manufacturer, except as stated above, the manufacturer having the right to grant and negotiate and grant all the licenses requested and obtained for the derivative works. However, neither the expiry nor the termination of the contract on the basis of which the works were created does not affect the ownership of the artist in the works, but it is understood that the recordings remain the exclusive property of the producer until all funds, as indicated in paragraph 3, point a), are received by the producer. When an artist is under contract with a production company, the duration of the agreement can be measured by time or the provision of a minimum number of records or both (for example. B a five-album contract that lasts no more than eight years). The production company is not obliged to publish the five albums.