Wilson Security Victoria Enterprise Agreement respond to background fire and safety alarms at their intended station; 20.1.5 The employer is an employer of contractual security. Registered contracts apply until they are terminated or replaced. Recording and/or reporting security incidents or business on a computerized system; and 16A.4.3 (a) When the employer and the worker agree, a weekly worker may be appointed to be in charge of the discharge. A discharge agent receives an additional $23.57 per week for all premium objectives. Increases made under previous national principles of wage matters or under the current declaration of principle, with the exception of those resulting from enterprise agreements, should not be used to compensate for safety net adjustments. 21.2.2 If a free service table coincides with a Saturday or Sunday, the day off is taken by mutual agreement either in advance or the normal working day after that Saturday or Sunday. 26.6.1 An employer and its employees may agree to replace another day with the distribution options provided by this clause. To this end, the agreement of the majority of the workers concerned gives an agreement 12.4.4 (b) the employer and the worker agree on the period during which the worker is allowed not to be available to participate in the work. In the absence of an agreement, the employee is allowed not to be available to participate in the work for up to 48 hours (or two days) per occasion. The casual worker is not entitled to a payment for the duration of the non-participation. 16a. Transitional rate of pay for victoria – Application of the common rule award [PR961172] If a job has a registered agreement, the premium does not apply. 21.2 However, If the objective is for workers in a four-week cycle to benefit, by mutual agreement between the employer and the majority of the workers concerned, from more than one day off in a given company, the employer and the worker may agree that normal working hours exceed the normal hours set for a working day, but do not exceed 10 hours per day, which allows for a weekly day more often than usual. Keyboard control to change the parameters of an integrated building management and/or intelligent security system, including the operation of computer programs that have the ability to lock/unlock doors, program access cards, access to the audit door by individuals, and time and date of registration; 21.2.1 Once a mandatory cycle 21.1 has been defined and performed by the employer, it is only changed when that cycle is completed, unless it has to respond to an emergency due to an unexpected and unavoidable illness or other cause or by a personal agreement between the employer and the workers concerned. 28.7.6 A worker who wishes to adopt a child is entitled to unpaid leave to participate in mandatory interviews or examinations required as part of the adoption process. The worker and the employer should agree on the length of unpaid leave. If there is no agreement, the worker is entitled to two days of unpaid leave. If the worker has paid leave, the employer can ask the worker to take the leave. Following the Commission`s decision of 17 August 2004 [PR950653] and in accordance with points 141 and 493A of the Workplace Relations Act 1996, the Commission makes the following statement regarding a joint opposition decision:1. In this statement: “price” refers to the 1998 Security Employees Award (Victoria), which varies from time to time; “Employees” workers in the sector who work and are covered by the bonus; Employers” employers who employ workers; the security service supply sector and security personnel occupations, mobile patrol officers, participatory controllers, control room operators, employees in or in conjunction with security alarm devices, and airport security personnel employed in or in connection with passenger and/or baggage security.2.