Vlc License Agreement

Any commercial product – hardware or software – that reproduces DVDs must have a license for a handful of patent-protected software components. In particular, you need access to the following: You cannot transfer the software and documentation and your license to another person permanently or temporarily without the consent of “Dolphin.” In the event that “Dolphin” accepts the transfer, an additional software support charge (“SSC”) is levied to cover the additional support costs. Subsequently, the transfer can only take place if that person agrees to accept the terms of this Agreement and you either pass on all copies (including the latest update and all previous versions) to that person, or you destroy the unre transferred copies. If you transfer possession of a copy of the software to another person, your license will be automatically waived. But I`m going astray… Licensing compliance and compatibility aside, the point of this contribution was to praise a brave effort to change a license for a popular project. I have heard more than a few times comments that such a task is insurmountable, impossible, impractical or some other adjective of this kind. Whether you agree with the license change for VLC or the justification behind the decision, you can`t deny that it`s not a small performance to take on the task of properly tracking down all developers and deserves recognition and respect. Thank you for the hard work, Jean-Baptiste! And thank you for sharing your process and succeeding. The VLC Media Player software is capable of playing audio and video data from DVDs that contain the encryption of the Scramble content encryption system (CSS) while the VLC Media Player software does not have a CSS decryption license. [92] Unauthorized decryption of CSS encrypted DVD content or unauthorized distribution of CSS decryption tools may be contrary to U.S.

millennium copyright law. [92] The decryption of CSS encrypted DVD content has been temporarily authorized for specific purposes (z.B. documentaries using short portions of DVD content for criticism or comments) under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for U.S. copyright infringement exemptions 2010. [93] However, these exceptions do not change the DMCA ban on the distribution of CSS decryption tools; including people marketed with VLC. [94] This software uses the QT toolkit, made available by the Qt Company under the license GNU Library General Public License 2.1 (LGPLv2.1) and GNU Library General Public License 3 (LGPLv3), and can be used by downloads.yourdolphin.com/downloads/qt-5.1.zip the software uses the commercially licensed VMime library of www.vmime.org, the General Public License version 2.0 (LGPLv3).