Small Utility Enterprise Agreement

An Enterprise Agreement (EA) is your quick path to GIS across the organization. An EA gives you unlimited and impractical access to ArcGIS software, as well as fast and competent support from Esri, so you can focus on building a successful and scalable enterprise GIS. With an EA, you make the expected payments in exchange for a mandatory set of software, services and training for the duration of the agreement. Telvent`s ELA-SU program was designed to deliver real value and allows smaller services to provide more seats and additional Products from the ArcFM family at a lower cost than standard seat and product licensing agreements. Three annual payments allow small utilities to access the entire ArcFM solution, providing flexibility in making available and significantly simplified licensing management. Absolutely! Our EAs are suitable for customers of all sizes. The specifics of our AAs are particularly well served to the organization of the company. The ELA-SU offers small procurement companies the ArcFM solution with the following exemptions at a flat licence cost of three years: The ArcFM solution is a suite of geographic information application (GIS) for the management of information on Facility`s assets, both on the desktop and on-site. Utilities use ArcFM products to support mobile mapping, display and editing, staking, network design and breakdown management. If you can`t continue with the STANDARD EA business model, keep the EA licenses and purchase maintenance when you need it. Subscription AAs provide licenses for the duration of the agreement.

You can renew your EA at any time with your updated requirements. Esri is here to meet your needs and help your organization create a successful GIS company. Yes! An ea has been designed to help customers integrate GIS into other enterprise applications such as work management, ERP systems or business intelligence. AAs offer flexible software management. They can be tailored to your needs depending on the license and the type of EA. AAS allow unlimited amounts of selected Esri products to be used during the duration of the agreement. An EA generally provides unlimited quantities of selected Esri products for the duration of the agreement. For these unlimited licenses, maintenance is included. Telvents Enterprise License Agreement for Small Utilities (ELA-SU) complements ESRI`s recently launched small public service business ElA program and allows cooperatives and municipalities to acquire the two ELAs, one with nuclear technology and a comprehensive procurement solution.

In addition to the ELA price, a package of services is available for the implementation of ArcFM technology. Maintenance is included for the lifetime of the EA and offers Yes! New customers benefit enormously from the flexibility to provide as many licenses as necessary and try all our basic products.