Microsoft Azure End User License Agreement

(ii) You cannot allow multiple users to directly or indirectly access the microsoft Azure service features provided per user. (ii) this limited warranty does not cover problems caused by an accident, abuse or use of products in a manner inconsistent with this Agreement or with our document or guide published or resulting from events beyond our proper control; J. Additional software for the use of online services. In order to optimize the access and optimal use of certain online services, you can install and use certain software in relation to your use of the online service, as described in the online terms of service. We`re having the software for you; We won`t sell it. Proof of your software license is (1) this Contract, (2) any order confirmation and (3) proof of payment. Your rights to access software on any device do not give you the right to implement Microsoft patents or any other Microsoft intellectual property in software or devices accessing that device. A. Term of contract and termination. This contract remains in effect until your subscription expires, terminates or extends, depending on the earliest date. i.

Shared directory data. If you order an online service via an email address with a domain provided by an organization with which you are linked (. B for example, an employer or school), the online service adds you to a directory of users using the same email domain. Your directory data (name, filing date and email address) may be visible to other users of online services in your organization`s email domain. No no. Keep buying and using your Azure services as usual. You will be notified if the new agreement is available for your organization. K.

Exporting skills in the United States. The products are subject to the U.S. export court. You must comply with all applicable laws, including U.S. Export Administration Regulations, the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, and end-use, end-use and target restrictions imposed by U.S. governments and others. “SLA” refers to the commitments we make regarding the provision and/or delivery of an online service, as published on, or on another site we identify. i. Full agreement. This agreement is the whole agreement on its purpose and replaces any prior or simultaneous communications.

In the event of a conflict between the documents contained in this Agreement, which are not expressly resolved in these documents, their conditions are checked in the following decreasing order of priority: (1) this online subscription contract, (2) the terms of the online services, (3) the applicable offer details and (4) all other documents in this contract. Your use of the Azure service is subject to the terms of the agreement under which you received the services. f. taxes. Prices are tax-free, unless the invoice indicates other than the tax included. You must pay all applicable capital gains, goods and services, sales, gross receipts or other transaction taxes, fees, fees or surcharges, or any regulatory cost recovery surcharge or similar amount due under this Agreement that we are entitled to obtain from you. You are responsible for all applicable stamp duty and all other taxes that you are legally required to pay, including all taxes related to the distribution or supply of products to your related businesses. We are responsible for all taxes based on our net income, gross taxes on income rather than taxes on income or profits or taxes on our property.

f. Previews. We can provide insights. Previews are provided “as expected,” “with all errors” and “available” and are excluded from THE SLAs and all limited safeguards provided by this agreement.