East Metro Youth Services Collective Agreement

Eastern Youth Services has 77 full-time and 43 part-time workers who together form the new bargaining unit. Members will now begin work on a first collective agreement, the union said. In April 2018, members who support their clients in the field of mental health and health care voted to join UFCW Local 175. “We have the strength of decades of experience in the public service, mental health and autistic care. This strength is now their strength. And every member of OPSEU/OPFPO is now stronger because they have joined us.┬áThis is a crucial point: you do not vote on either treaty. You vote on the union you trust most to get the best contract after the merger and in the years and decades to come. This diverse group of 120 East Metro Youth Services employees wanted a fairer workplace experience and the ability to make their employer more accountable. The institution`s staff provides its clients with mental illness and other care services.

Their work environment has made it difficult for employees to enjoy and manage their important work in the Toronto community. Staff at the Centre for Mental Health and Addiction turned to UFCW 175, frustrated by a number of workplace problems. In particular, the group of 120 workers wanted a fairer work experience and the opportunity to hold their employer to account. According to the union, their current work environment makes it difficult for employees to enjoy and manage their important work in the Toronto community. More than 100 employees of East Metro Youth Services in Toronto signed their first collective agreement on March 14 as members of the Union of Commercial Workers and United Food (UFCW), Local 175. Nearly 100 new mental health and autism assistants will be joined by OPSEU/OPSEU following the merger of two psychiatric facilities in east Toronto. Finally, the employer pays $250 per year to Local 175 Training – Education Fund and 50% to the cost of printing contract notebooks for members. The employer will also pay all unpaid wages for members of the bargaining committee until conciliation.

In total, there are 77 full-time workers and 43 part-time workers in Eastern Youth Services, which form the bargaining unit. Members will now begin work on a first collective agreement. In addition, they will benefit from Local 175`s strong presence in the area. They join several thousand health and community professionals in the local sector 175 Health, Office and Professional Employee (HOPE). After the vote, some common provisions, such as seniority, will be negotiated. But for the most part, the members of each union will retain their old collective agreements until a new merged treaty is negotiated for all. 120 employees are now focused on the first collective agreement: Union The three-year contract, ratified on 14 March 2019, provides for wage increases of 3.3 per cent per year for all classifications working on their respective occupational categories. Employees at the end of their volume receive a one-time lump sum equal to 2% of their salary from the previous year.

Contract workers will receive a lump sum payment of $500 upon ratification. Assistance staff will see an increase of 50 cents per hour plus a $200 package that will be effective from ratification. Find out why EU membership is important for health professionals. During a union merger, there is a lot of information to absorb. Sometimes it`s misinformation. . The EU bargaining committee worked hard to secure a good contract for East Metro youth service workers. The parties initiated a conciliation procedure to examine the monetary and linguistic issues that members wished to address. Staff also maintained their sick leave program, which allows them to earn up to 18 sick days per year and accumulate up to 119 sick days at the bank.