Chicago Teachers Union Agreement

The tentative agreement between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers` Union was passed Wednesday night by CTU`s elected delegates by 362-242 distant votes. The agreement is still subject to the union`s agreement. And CPS doesn`t need to set the costs yet. But teachers and staff opposed the edict. They say they are overwhelmed, just trying to give classes to the students. They call it an unnecessary extra charge. “A nurse in every school every day was a simple requirement for our unions and school communities to lag behind, but it took a real collective effort and an 11-day strike to get to that reality,” Kosuth wrote. “We should all be proud of this work, because our students will be the beneficiaries of this work.” After ten days of strikes and months of negotiations with the city, the Chicago Teachers` Union has tabled an interim contract tonight in the 700-member Chamber of Deputies. After a heated debate, delegates voted 364 to 242 in favour of the agreement as long as the city allows members to make up for their missed workdays. After the strike, marked by exuberant union protests and a tense war of words between union leaders and Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago public school officials, the strike was suspended after a last showdown on October 31 over the number of missed school days. CTU`s complaint opposes a directive requiring case managers and teachers to develop distance learning plans for all 50,000 students with disabilities in the school district.

An additional 10,000 students with medical problems are also planned. These students all already have individual educational or medical plans. The Union of Chicago Strippers has voted to ratify its preliminary contract with Chicago Public Schools, eliminating the prospect of the resumption of the city`s longest teachers` strike in decades. However, teachers can expect a little less than indicated on the tables this year, as the school year was reduced by six days during a last-minute negotiation between the city and the union, like many of the 11 days of teaching lost as a result of the strike. But CTU spokesman Eric Ruder said negotiations between the union and the district on how to fill the money were not yet complete and were therefore not reflected in the pay scales released last week. Negotiations could continue after the treaty is ratified, he said. Every union educator in a charter school works under the contract negotiated with his employer contract. Download all the charter contracts below.

For the current year, this is $33 million more than was planned by CPS when the Board of Education approved the budget in August, when negotiations with the union were underway. This figure includes an additional $15 million for wages and benefits, with the cost of living being 3% higher than originally planned. The CTU agreement will also be $11 million for a restructured pay scale for auxiliary staff, such as nurses and teaching assistants; $5 million for support for substitute teachers in staff-intensive schools, pipeline improvements for nurses, social workers and case managers, and assistance to students in temporary living situations; and an additional $2 million to reduce class sizes. And “men and teachers” have been replaced by gender-neutral language. “The Board of Directors ensures that all schools are equipped with washrooms and rest rooms for all members of the rate unit, accessible to all members of the rate unit on a private, clean and comfortable basis.” The cap on the number of sick days where teachers can overflow will increase from 40 to 244.