Reflections on OOW 2007

As I think back to last week, there are a few (okay, maybe more than a few) specific things that come to mind, but not in any particular order. Larry‘s laugh during his hour-long monologue on Sunday night Meeting Jake from Meeting Eddie Awad Seeing Mark Rittman again Meeting Michael Armstrong-Smith Chance meeting of […]

As even long-term parking at O’Hare is expensive, I elected to arrange a car from/to home for OpenWorld last week. I’ve used the same service several times and they’ve always been professional and on time–except this time. The ride from home to the airport was boring enough–they were only 5 minutes late to my door, […]

After a late night, I was slow to join the world on Thursday morning. When I finally rose, it was mid-morning and I was lucky enough to meet up with Debbie Migliore from Oracle for breakfast (well, it was breakfast at least for me). Debbie is part of the beta programs office and we met […]

OOW, Day 4 (Wednesday)

I tried to sleep a little later this morning after being up a little bit later than usual last night. Didn’t really work–still up too early, but I guess I’ll sleep next week instead. I met up with Jake from fame for a late breakfast. After that, I parked myself in the Piocon booth […]

OOW, Day 3 (Tuesday)

I started today in the exhibit hall to check in on our booth and clean our Oracle Partner Network Titan Award. Sounds easy, but if you’ve ever tried to find glass cleaner and paper towels in an exhibition hall, you’d know it isn’t as easy at it seems at first. Anyway, it’s a beautiful glass […]

OTN Evidence

I was actually there! Eddie Awad took this photo and posted it here. I’m on the far right next to Laurent Schneider (who’s tall enough to hit his head on the wall sconce). Next to Laurent is Andrew Clarke. I’m sorry, but I don’t recall the name of the gentleman on the far left :(.

OOW, Day 2 (Monday)

Turns out, I apparently had more fun than I should have last night at the ACE Dinner. So, I woke up this morning not feeling very well. That combined with the time zone adjustment left me waking up a little groggy this morning. Starting the day today was the announcement regarding Oracle VM as described […]

OOW, Day 1 (Sunday)

Sunday was a great day at OOW with lots of IOUG activities for me as well as seeing a lot of old friends that I never manage to see except at these events. My day started at breakfast with reviewing presentation materials for a co-presentation with Matt Topper. More about that in a minute. After […]

OOW Personal Itinerary

I’ve pretty much taken a hiatus from technical articles while preparing for OOW. I depart tomorrow for SF and I plan to keep at least one entry per day…we’ll see if I can keep up while on-site at the conference. I have a lot of plans to attend some of the good RAC and Identity […]

RAC SIG Events at OOW

As the events chairperson for the RAC SIG, I wanted to make everyone aware of the events we have scheduled for next week at Oracle OpenWorld SF. Anyone is welcome to attend our sessions, though you’ll probably need a conference badge of some sort to get in (I recall that the room monitors are usually […]