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I’m very pleased to report that I will be able to meet up with ODTUG Kaleidoscope attendees at both the ODTUG Community Service Day (2nd Annual!) and my own scuba dive outing as well. If you can, I’d love for you to attend both events. If you’re not a certified scuba diver, then you can […]

I love attending technical conferences for Oracle. I guess that’s obvious since many of you have probably seen or met me at a conference. The best parts for me are meeting so many of those that I’ve connected with on mailing lists, forums, or other online communities. Of course, conferences are a place to share […]

Coming up in a few weeks is the ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2008 event in New Orleans (June 15-19). I’ll be there to present a few sessions and, meet up with old friends and make new acquaintances as well. The location will be great (probably a bit warm and humid, though) and there will be much to […]

The Oracle ACE program is one way that Oracle recognizes community members that make significant contributions to the Oracle community through blogging, forum participation, user group presentations, and other similar volunteering activities. As one of the Oracle ACE Directors, I have tried to promote the program by raising awareness of its existence and the importance […]

This is a quick note about upcoming major events on my Oracle event calendar. June 15-19, ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2008, New Orleans, LA September 21-25, Oracle OpenWorld, San Francisco, CA December 1-5, UKOUG Conference, Birmingham, UK February, 2009 (TBD), RMOUG Training Days, Denver, CO March 8-12, 2009, Hotsos Symposium, Dallas, TX April 20-24, 2009, RSA Conference, […]

Okay, not for a while, but for those that are presenters at the conference, the US winter is a time of solemn writing. Whitepaper deadlines are approaching for the IOUG program at the Collaborate 08 (April 14-18 in Denver) conference quickly. Soon after, the presentations for those sessions will be due. No rest for the […]

ODTUG, Day 3

Today was the end of the ODTUG conference. I presented my last session of the conference in the smallest session room ever imagined. Regardless, we had a good group of about 15 people for the session and answered a lot of questions during the session. Following the session, I attended a session on APEX that […]

ODTUG, Day 2

Today started with some customer meetings until Matt Topper’s Identity Management session at 11am. Matt gave a great review of the past Oracle IdM options as well as a survey of the new (acquired) products including typical deployment scenarios for both. He had about 15 people attend–not bad for a topic that is just getting […]

ODTUG, Day 1

Looks like this day is going to be no different than most days at conferences–start early and end late. This morning started at 7am (!) with an ODTUG SIG Leaders breakfast meeting. The meeting was a great opportunity to provide ideas to Mike Riley, the ODTUG SIG VP, as well as other leaders in the […]

Daytona, here I am

A little too much time in the airports yesterday, as usual. Oddly enough, I managed to make it out of Chicago on time, my connecting flight in Atlanta was on time and I landed in Daytona Beach early. I’m sure that if I had checked my baggage, it would have been lost 🙂 . So, […]