I’ll be the first to offer a large congratulations to Jeremy Schneider on being the most recent appointment to the Oracle ACE program. He certainly deserves it (I nominated him, so I suppose I would think so) and I continue to look for great things to come.

Jeremy is the main creator of the IOUG RAC Attack! event that was held for the first time back in August 2008. He (with help from others) will also be putting it on as a half-day session at Collaborate 09. It’s a University Seminar on Thursday morning. All hands-on, all RAC, all the time. I’m looking forward to the event (I’m volunteering as a staffer). You should sign up now before it’s full! I can almost guarantee you’ll learn something.

Besides his work on this hands on lab/class for RAC, Jeremy has many other community contributions. His blog is full of excellent technical bits that always seem to come from a significant amount of research. He contributes occasionally to the Oracle-L mailing list. He also contributed some code to OCFS (v1) several years ago, so you can guess he understands a thing or two about programming and Linux, too.

His ACE Profile isn’t posted yet, but look for it to arrive soon. In the meantime, read some of the good stuff he wrote on his blog and look for him (and me too) at Collaborate in early May!

Congratulations, Jeremy!

8 Responses to “Congratulations New Oracle ACE, Jeremy Schneider!”  

  1. 1 Jeremy

    Thanks Dan! (For both the nomination and the complimentary blog post.) Looking forward to seeing you at Collaborate!

  2. 2 Dan Norris

    You're welcome. Nomination is a small part. The team that actually chooses recipients is pretty tough and thorough, so being approved/accepted is all on you and your work in the community. Glad to have you in the program!

  3. 3 ittichai chammavanijakul

    Congratulation! Jeremy.. Very well deserved.


  4. 4 Charles Schultz


  5. 5 pokkumar

    hi to all

  6. 6 Alex Gorbachev

    Wow. Congrats Jeremy. Well deserved and I thought you were already and ACE Director anyway!

  7. 7 mikeson897

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