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A few weeks ago, I posted a proposal to hold a session in the OpenWorld Unconference event. If you’re interested in discussing the complex configuration of Oracle Application Server in various situations like load balancing, virtual hosting, SSL configuration, and other often challenging situations, please head over and put a comment on the posting. I’ll […]

I previously posted on Oracle OpenWorld’s Appreciation Event lineup. Unexpectedly, they changed the lineup to remove Prince, but they also added Lenny Kravitz…not a bad trade, though both have good shows I expect. Billy Joel is still on the lineup as well as Stevie Nicks, so there should be something for just about everyone. See […]


Here’s a useful little utility to add to your browser. It’s purpose is singular and simple, but still quite useful. Check it out at

We encountered an “interesting” challenge recently where some, not all, OC4J containers in an Oracle Application Server installation would “crash” (they would stop running). There was no apparent pattern to the “crazy” crashing containers. The system administrator was actively doing application (re)deployments at the rate of 3-4 per week. The containers seemed to be […]

Oracle 11g Database is now available on Windows. Get it while it’s hot :).

Just looked at my calendar and realized that we’re less than a month away from Oracle OpenWorld! There are tons of great sessions on the list and my schedule is full after even just a quick scan. That means there will certainly be hard times ahead as new sessions catch my eye (there are always […]

I’m an Advanced Diver

I think I caught the scuba diving bug because after I got the initial certification, I’ve been working to figure out how I can get more certifications and more diving into my schedule! I cautiously signed up to do my PADI Advanced Open Water certification dives on October 6-7 fearing that it may be very […]

I’m excited to see that Oracle has a group of people paying attention to trends in technology events and making sure that Oracle’s events keep up with the industry. If you’re going to be at OpenWorld, be sure to stop by the OTN Unconference event. I expect that I’ll be hanging out up there regularly […]