OpenWorld 07 QuickConnect

Join Me at Oracle OpenWorld Connect!Oracle OpenWorld has been on my mind lately as I just got confirmed acceptance of my regular conference session presentation late last week. Today, I created my QuickConnect card. I have seen other posts about this card thingy, but I didn’t realize how interesting it is (or at least it may be) until I got to check it out first-hand. My card is to the left. Please feel free to contact me and set up a time to meet! I look forward to seeing you in San Francisco.

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  1. 1 Eddie Awad

    Hi Dan. Hopefully we can meet at OOW. By the way, I have added your blog to


  2. 2 Dan Norris

    Hi Eddie–I’ll look forward to meting up. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for putting me on the aggregator too.


  3. 3 Matt Topper

    As much as you want to be like me you’ll never be as cool. I do give lessons if you are interested. With 3 years of careful study you may make it half way there.

  4. 4 dannorris

    Just out of curiosity, how much are the lessons? 3 years…is there a degree awarded?

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