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I’m completely impressed just by the descriptions of the new tools that Oracle is getting with its Bharosa acquisition. If this stuff does even half of what it is advertising it can do, I’ll be very impressed. If you’re wondering what this is all about, please check out the post on the Talking Identity blog […]

Oracle Database 11g was officially launched today. As a beta tester for the product, I can say that this product has some very interesting new features that really make me want to recommend the upgrade to Oracle Database 11g. Here are my thoughts on a few of the new features in Oracle Database 11g. Database […]

Today, July 11th, was the launch of Oracle Database 11g. From a technologist’s point of view, it’s a somewhat anticlimactic day since you can’t actually get your hands on the bits yet. However, there was some technical information posted on OTN and a nice overview presentation that was webcast online live from New York City. […]

I am spending more and more time lately reading the writings of others in the Oracle technology space. Many of those readings start by following a link posted on the Oracle-L list. Today’s linkfest led me to a great Open Letter to Larry Ellison on AWR and ASH Licensing by Mark Brinsmead. I first had […]